GoGo Shower is develop by a group of people who loves, cares and respect about doggy and kitty's live. We are pet lovers and always had a problem when taking bath for them. You should have the same problem too! The mess in the house and both you and they get very exhausted.

That is why we had outcome ideas and develop an all in one shower machine. It is almost automation, which it had showering, shampoo and dry in a same space.
You still have to scrub them though, yet that is reason why it is enjoyable and having fun for both you and your love ones. This convenient, easily operate, clean and economic machine make the task easier and more fun.

We had the first Grooming store in 2007 May, and had attract lots who have interest to joint the franchise and also had good comment from multitude and media.
GoGo shower had quickly risen it franchise to 10 stores in less than a year. Our philosophy is to gather all pet lover's strength to provide the most economic products and the best showering environment for owner and their pets.

GO GO SHOWER TRADE CO.,LTD ---- TEL:886-2-8292-5858 ---- gogo.shower@msa.hinet.net